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Argus has been mentioned in a large number of publications and presentations over the years. Maintaining a complete list is non- trivial, and the list below is the result of a simple search, primarily looking at the ACM Library, so the list is short. If you do not see a book, research paper, presentation, reference that you wrote, or you liked, please send us a pointer. Also, if you find that a link on this page is stale, please send us a note to



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Research Articles (examples)

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Dissertations and Theses

Intensional Cyberforensics, Thesis, Serguei A. Mokhov, Mar 2014.
A comparative study of in-band and out-of-band VoIP protocols in layer 3 and layer 2.5 environments, Thesis, George Pallis, Jan 2011.
Visualization of Network Traffic to Detect Malicious Network Activity, Thesis, Zhihua Jin, June 2008.
Supporting the Visualization and Forensic Analysis of Network Events, Disseration, Doantham Phan, December 2007.
Keeping Track of Network Flows: An Inexpensive and Fexible Solution, Thesis, Alexander Fedyukin, November 2005.
Using Netflows for slow portscan detection, Thesis, Bjarte Malmedal, 2005.

Web Articles - Blogs

Know Your Tools: use Picviz to find attacks Sebastien Tricaud, Victor Amaducci, The Honeynet Project, Nov 2009
WHEN {PUFFY} MEETS ^REDDEVIL^ (C.S. Lee's Security Blog)
After an Exploit: mitigation and remediation
Security Incident Management Essentials (
Michael Cloppert: Computer Forensic Hero SANS Computer Forensics, Mar 2009
Detecting Botnets Grzegorz Landecki, Linux Journal, Jan 2009
Mass-Mailing Worms: Prevention, Detection and Response Richard Gadsden, SANS Institute, 2009
Nmap facts with parallel coordinates Sebastien Tricaud, Dec 2008
iX Magazine Security Special with DAVIX (December 2008)
Building SElinux policy for Argus Jan-Frode Myklebust, Oct 2008.
Expanding Response: Deeper Analysis for Incident Handlers Russ McRee, SANS Institute, Oct 2008 Network Security (April 2008)
argus - Auditing Network Activity - Performance & Status Monitoring (Jan 2008)
Flowtime - Create a Timeline for Packet Flow (Jan 2008)
Argus - Auditing network activity Russ McRee, ISSA Journal, Nov 2007
Practical Botnet Detection (April 2007)
Keeping an eye on the network with Argus Ralf Spenneberg, Linux Magazine, Feb 2007
Network Security Monitoring: Beyound Intrusion Detection (2006)
Network Defense Applications using IP Sinkholes (2006)
Argus 3.0 on FreeBSD (Aug 2006)
Survey of Network Performance Monitoring Tools (2006)
Network Flow Analysis (2006)
Using archived argus flow records to secure and troublehshoot your network (July 2005)
Defending Networks with Intrustion Detection Systems (June 2004).


Argus Metadata Tutorial FloCon 2014 (2014)
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GLORIAD Argus Presenation FloCon (2014)
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Flow Based Control Plane Situational Awareness (2009)
Network Monitoring with Argus, NetFlow, and Other Tools (2009)
Network Forensics (2007 APRICOT '07)
NAF: The NetSA Aggregated Flow Tool Suite (2006 LISA '06)
Network Flows and Security (Black Hat Briefings 2005)
Distributed QoS Monitoring - High Performance Network Assurance (FloCon 2005)
A Network of IDS-Sensors for Attack-Statistics (2004 PRESECURE Consulting GmbH)
More Netflow Tools: For Performance and Security (2004 LISA XVIII)
Using Argus Audit Trails to Enhance IDS Analysis (2003)
Implementing Network Security Monitoring with Open Source Tools (2003)
Argus Presentation to IPFIX WG (2001)
Reference to IETF RMON Argus-1.3 Presentation (1994)