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Documentation - Manuals

Man page documentation for argus.

  argus generate flow records from packet data
  argus.conf argus system configuration file

Man page documentation for radium, the argus data collection and distribution system.

  radium argus data collection, analytics and distribution
  radium.conf radium system configuration file

Man page documentation for argus data clients.

  ra read, filter and print argus data
  rarc ra* program configuration file
  rabins process argus data into structured 'bins'
  racluster aggregate argus data
  racluster.conf racluster configuration file
  racolor.conf ratop color configuration file
  raconvert convert ascii flow data into argus record format
  racount tally objects in argus data stream
  radecode tshark-like decode of argus user data
  radump decode user data buffers using tcpdump decoders
  raevent read argus generated events
  rafilteraddr high performance argus data filtering
  ragraph time series graphing (rrd-tool based)
  ragrep regular expression matching from captured user data
  rahisto frequency distribution analysis for argus data metrics
  ralabel semantic enahancemet / metadata tagging
  ralabel.conf ralabel configuration file
  ranonymize argus data anonymization
  ranonymize.conf ranonymize configuration file
  rapath print topology information derived from argus data
  rapolicy continuous access control policy verification
  rasort sort argus data
  rasplit split argus data into structured OS based files
  rasql read native argus data from mysql database tables
  rasqlinsert insert and read argus data from/to mysql data tables
  rasqltimeindex index argus data files by time
  rastream argus data stream block processing
  rastrip argus data manipulation and compression
  ratop display and update sorted network flow data